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Our Raster to vector services are starting from only $3. You can get quality background removal service/clipping path service from us.

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Our DTP designers are very professional with their provided work. So, we can give you 100% assurance of our services. Also, we have 24/7 dedicated support team to help you.

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With 70+ designers we can provide you 100+ processed raster to vector file. But moreover it will be depends on your file complexity and instruction.


Vector Conversion also known as Raster to Vector (R2V) Conversion is one of the most important service of digital technology in this information age. Images of one format may not support with another software due to inconvenience. Conversion is very much necessary as there are various types of media available today. ‘Vector Conversion’ service of Fast Clipping Path (FCP) is the smartest solution of your image, to be supported by any program you ask for.

Image view as well as file format conversion for supported media is to meet specific criteria of different fields. As well known, every format image is not capable to each program, especially to those which are used industrially. Vector Conversion of FCP is exactly the right service for your image to be useful in such media as required. We convert image 2D, 3D, CAD Design or Print to Digitization as well as convert format from any to JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, PDF etc. Converted image is also suitable for CAD program such as ‘Modaris’, ‘Diamino’ etc. industrial software where no other format is supported. Besides we convert images such way so that you can have the freedom of zooming with higher resolution without quality loss.

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Categorization of Vector Conversion

As a matter of fact ‘Vector Conversion’ service is not rich with categorization. It is valued with capability that already mentioned above. Though it two types.
1. Raster to vector conversion
2. Vector logo design

Raster to Vector Conversion

Raster to Vector Conversion service of FCP is the prime objective of Vector Conversion by FCP. Widely used in industries such as garments, footwear, cap, gloves etc. We also do drawing for line, artwork, floor plan, map and products. Basically this kind of conversion we do to meet CAD program support. As we know, CAD program like Lectra Moderis or Lectra Diamino are not ordinary program used in general. Moreover it has machinery support and thus it is unique with file format with image quality. As an example, photo of a garment like T-shirt is unsupported by CAD programs. We change file format from JPEG, PDF, BMP etc. to MDL, IBA, VET which is eligible for the purpose. This way CAD software recognize measurement, curve, margin etc. and that saves huge time for industrial production. It also consume price and minimize labor to increase profit range with better accuracy. This also applicable for Mechanical, Civil Engineering and architectural 2D and 3D Drawing. Raster to Vector Conversion contains below services by FCP. 

JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, PDF etc. to vector conversion, 
Vector line drawing 
Vector art work drawing 
Vector floor plan drawing (CAD Drawing) 
Vector map drawing 
Vector product drawing 

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Vector Logo Design

FCP designs logo for you by Vector Logo Design is an extra facility of Vector Conversion service. In this we pick logo object from your image then convert it to logo absolutely separate from original image. We use Adobe Illustrator, Flash and also 3D Design for creating logo according to your will. Logo is an important issue for business now a days for branding value. We serve you the best logo and provide facility to customize according to your requirement. Vector Conversion of image editing service is one of the complex graphic design for many, which we, FCP, made convenient in every way. Our experienced as well as creative image editing personnel do their duty with responsibility to serve you the best. We value your time, money and more importantly satisfaction. This not what we do to attract your attention. We do this because we care. Each and every image you need Vector Conversion or any of our services, we do our best with intense care. We also have free trial option for you to check our capability on the service. This will be our great honor to have you getting our service.

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Wur vector service is perfect for

  • Redrawing Graphics & Logos
  • Creating Illustrations
  • Hand Drawn or Traced Vector Reproduction
  • Convert Poor or Low Resolution Graphics & Logos