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E-commerce Photo Editing Service

E-commerce Product photo editing service is the most effective trick behind increasing online sells. An attractive image can speak more than a thousand words. In a similar manner, an engaging photo can insist the customer buy something they literally cannot touch or feel. Although a customer does not have a chance to check the quality of the product by touching them, the total number of online shoppers is increasing day by day. It seems that because of the quality and attractiveness of product image more online shoppers are being allured. Whether you sell consumer products or other useful things, you cannot ignore using images. Uploading more attractive images than other competitor is the best way by which E-commerce site owners are keeping their sells upward. Therefore, the images must look irresistible to make a lasting impact on the customer’s mind and that will force the customer to press the “BUY” button.

E-commerce is basically built on imagery factors. Every day billions of product photos are being captured, uploaded and compared by customers on E-business sites. However, a customer chooses only the product which is looking more engaging among billions. Brands and Retailer must produce and upload photos of higher quality and greater volume to win those customers.

ecommerce photo retouching

ecommerce photo retouching
e-commerce photo retouching

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E-commerce Product photo editing service is a process of photo editing by which new details are added or touches the image for correction or improvements. Product photo retouching is an important option for Brand and retailers because always captured photos do not come in an expected way. There might have discrepancies on light, color, shape, background and so on. Recapturing those photos is a time killing process. So, Retouch photos and make them more attention grabbing!

Background Remove or Clipping Paths:

Our Background Removal Service is used to change the background of an image in order to make the object more prominent and visible.  Nowadays, a white background is mostly being used for product photos. In addition, to emphasize the object, a clear background is more preferable. Also, you can choose from different type backgrounds and colors. We change the background and make clipping path for the image of a product.

Shadow and Reflection:

In order to bring a very premium and realistic look, shadows and reflections are essential. When natural shadows cannot be captured due to different circumstances, nothing to worry! Our team is expert at creating excellent shadows and reflection and that will be a complement to your product.

Hollowman Retouching:

Garment and apparel companies usually capture their products photo with the dummy to highlight the fitting and distortion of the fabric. After taking photos the dummy is then removed to make the product looking appealing and exact. At this hollowman retouching service, our designers create shadows, label straightening, and color correction to give the photo a 3D effect.

Tags removal:

Always this is not necessary to show the tags of a product to customers. And this is not always possible to remove all tags before taking photos. The good news is we reduce the burden of removing all tags before photography. Whatever the workload is we committed to removing all tags in a short time.

Resize or Multiple Outputs:

Sometimes it is possible that in a photo the main object is looking small and undetectable. We will resize the object for making it bigger and noticeable. On the other hand, the main object can be looked extremely big and awkward. We can make it smaller to a pleasant and suitable size too.

Image Cropping:

The image cropping includes clipping the photo from the original image and placing it on a suitable background. Unnecessary objects and borders also can be removed by cropping. It also includes resizing the objects where needed. We provide cropping service with margins if we are asked to do so.


According to our client’s requirements, our adroit graphic designers are serving as image alignments or padding. On the topic of alignment, clients are free to choose from the options of None, Left, Right, and Center alignments. Thumbnail, Medium, Large & Fullsize are some other options for our customers.

Retouching Product Photo:

A product photo can be retouched for many purposes alike cleaning dust, removing unnecessary things, Implementing light and effects, and making the object more visible and enhancing. We provide retouch and enhancement service for all types of product photos to boost up sale. As an outsourcing agent, we can assure you to retouch bulk images quickly while maintaining the high standard of quality.

Product photo Re-coloring Service:

Photo re-coloring Service is the widely used strategy to look a product more natural. Sometimes it is needed to try various colors for a product photo. Because there might be different colors are available for the same product. Similarly, the taken photograph might not look natural because of some unusual factors like light, camera resolution, place, and background. We are capable of working on bulk orders in a short SLA.

360 Degree:

A customer might want to see the product from all the angles. We can create an animation by using 24-30 captured frames. The customer will be able to observe the product from all angles they wish to. This is called 360-degree photography and is a trend now. This service includes color correction and alignments.

Image Compositing:

If you want to convey a message or tell people a story about your products just by an image, we are suggesting trying our image composition service. A story can be created in a photo by mixing different visual elements. This service is mostly used to create collages for weddings, creating a composition for advertisement, making a banner for E-commerce Company. By using image composition, some special effects are adding to E-commerce product photos.

Product Photo Masking

Normally clipping path technique is used to remove the background of the images with hard edges. For the furry, soft or blurred edges clipping path technique can produce imperfect results. To remove the background of complex objects like human hair, furry clothes, and doll image masking is used. Our well-combined group of talented designers is experienced in Product photo masking. We have a comprehensive range of Layer masking, Transparent masking, Translucent masking, and collage masking. Our professional manipulators will create a shadow in order to bring a 3D look.

Watermark adding:

Every producer wants to keep his goods safe from unauthorized use. It is wise to put watermark or logo on product’s photo otherwise those images can be stolen or use unethically. We have a well balanced and experienced team who can do this with an ease by our watermark adding service.

The range of our Product Photo Editing

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Online jewelry shops need to retouch their photos of ornaments to make the stones looking glazy. Without a glaring look of product E-commerce jewelry shop, an owner will fail to grab buyer’s attention. We set the exact color tone for silver, gold, and platinum as well as make them sparkling.

Product Retouching for E-commerce Websites

In order to compete with the greatest number of E-commerce websites, Product photos must be retouched for enhancement. Grab more customers’ attention and Push your business upward just by uploading perfectly retouched images.

Automobiles and Accessories Retouching

Images of Automobiles and Accessories also need a high amount of retouching because of the expanding demand of the online marketplace. It is becoming more difficult nowadays to make a steady profit for Automobiles and Accessories shops without an attractive image of products.


Industrial Machineries Retouching

Customers of Industrial Machines are not traveling far to purchase machinery. They are investing a huge amount of money on a basis of image quality and ordering the industrial machinery online. Therefore, retouch the image of industrial machinery and get those customers.

Cosmetic Products Retouching

Cosmetic products of different origins are available online on various web pages. Which one will a customer buy? Firstly they will watch the product photo closely and carefully to check the authenticity. Otherwise, cosmetic products can make sensitive skin issues. So, it is important to ensure product quality by ensuring the image quality first. We are providing reliable cosmetic product photo retouching services worldwide.


Clothing Line and Accessories Retouching

People are so much choosy about Clothing. To make a product chosen by them clothing lines should be retouched. Through Clothing Line retouching process images will definitely look prominent and beautiful. Photos of accessories really need to be retouched before uploading those E-commerce sites.

360-Degrees Photography

When the product is on a rotating table, a photographer captures up to 30 photos and then we create an animation of those shots. The important feature of this kind of photography is a customer can observe the product from different angles.

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