Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Get A Virtual Photo Editing Team For Lockdown Situation

If you have already got an in-house setup for editing photos but your projects are stuck because of this lock-down situation, then we can stand by your side in this tough situation. We can help you out in setting up a virtual photo editing team, who can work exclusively for you and manage your overdue or ongoing post-production projects.

Since they can work from their home, they can now concentrate and focus more on their work even in this tough situation. There they can work throughout the day until the task of the clients is completely done with 100% client satisfaction. As a result, we can ensure on-time delivery, if there are no cases of any discrepancy of COVID-19 situation, and our clients remain satisfied even in this troublesome period. Furthermore, we can also ensure the health security of our designers. Furthermore, there is the option of a discount of up to 50% for bulk orders.

Our Non-Stop Services During This Situation

Although most of the places are locked-down, like us, the eCommerce businesses should be fully operational and we know which services should be given first priority. That is why we have decided to provid the services listed below on  priority basis.

For product photos, this is one of the most crucial services you may need. Sometimes the background of an image is something which needs to be removed to keep the essence of an image or to portray it properly. Unlike any product, if you need to display a product in your website with a model, you may need this service too. We will apply either clipping path/deep etch or image masking to remove the image background and put your desired color.

To showcase your clothing images in your online eCommerce store, it is obvious that you will need Photoshop ghost mannequin effect. We have a team of expert designers who can do this work in bulk, for you. It doesn’t matter if you need neck joint or sleeve joint or bottom joint, our photo editors will get you covered. We also do 3D-ghost mannequin and packshot editing too.

To give your product an attractive as well as a realistic look, Photoshop shadow service is the one for you. There are different type of product shadows that are applied based on the product and its look. Sometimes, you may need reflection shadow, may be a realistic one, or you also may need to retain the original shadow sometimes to give it a realistic look. We also provide shadow removal service as well if you require that.

An image may be resized in any of the following ways, provided that they all have their crucial benefits. The list basically includes cropping and sizing. These can be used to do Amazon/eBay ready, or image optimization for different market places. 


Color correction is one sector which is needed to prepare an eCommerce product photo or do batch photo editing, etc. Thus you can also avail the opportunity to use them.

Raster images are prone to get pixellated when zoomed in to a great extent. However, if this image is converted to vector, then this can be zoomed in and zoomed out as much as needed.

Benefits You Will Get

  • Handful of designers working for you
  • Delivery according to the priority
  • Discount on bulk
  • 24 Hours live support
  • 100% Quality assurance
  • No payment until satisfaction

As mentioned above, due to the current situation, we have ensured that our designers can stay home and do their work on a remote work basis. Owing to this, we have formed a virtual team of designers which comprises of a handful of people who are working burning their midnight oil to help our clients achieve what they have desired from us. This remote-based work system also ensures that our designers are completely safe from this contagious disease and can work peacefully. Throughout this time they are working on eCommerce photo editing, neck joint/bottom joint/image masking, clipping path, vectorization, vector conversion and illustration, logo design, batch photo editing and many more. Hence, if you are also interested and also want to get benefitted even in this situation then sit tight. Place an order right now and claim your free first order*.

*The free first order consists of a maximum of 5 images.