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Our Ghost Mannequin/ Invisible mannequin services are starting from only $0.59. You can get quality ghost mannequin and neck joint service from us.

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Ghost Mannequin or Invisible Mannequin is a popular and reliable service by which apparel photos look more professional and attract more customers. With the help of Ghost Mannequin service, the exact fitting, size, and shape of garment & accessories can be shown easily to the targeted buyers. This service is also used to bring a 2D and 3D effect on apparel product photography which is more likely to boost up your sales.

It is easy to photograph on a mannequin because of its shape. However, an apparel product photo with mannequin or doll does not look professional. On the other hand, capturing images of products without mannequin is not a perfect idea because it is necessary to show the exact fitting of clothes like shirts, trousers, jackets, and cardigans. So, the mannequin, doll, even sometimes human figure need to be removed in order to look the apparel product photo stunning and alluring. Sometimes buyers do not like photos of garments products with a mannequin. That is why invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin is a popular and important service.


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Ghost Mannequin Service has tremendous values in online/offline product photography, glamour/fashion photography, e-commerce shops/online marketplace, Newspaper & magazines layout design, advertisement agency, and the other corporate identity or brand promotion. Sometimes images with mannequin look awkward. In addition, by using invisible mannequin service you can show the neck and inner parts of the clothes. This is more likely to be appreciated by clients as they could see the exact image of the product.


Neck Joint Service

While taking photos, Photographers use a doll to look the images of clothes real as like wearing a human. However, those images cannot be used directly as the inner part and neck of the clothes remains hidden behind the doll. So photographers need to capture the inner part, neck, and front part in order to remove the doll from the main photo. Our expert graphic designer will join the neck and remove the doll without any flaw. Read More


3d/360° Ghost Mannequin

We also offer 3D or 360° Ghost Mannequin for e-commerce sites and animation videos on Packshot Photography. But, you must send us photos of your products in various angles along with the missing parts as like top, neck, sleeves, and bottom to get this service. Although we need the missing parts, we are also capable of providing this service without the image of the back parts.

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Sleeve joint service

To remove the mannequin from the hollow part of sleeves, the emergency needed service is the sleeve joint service. The expert photo manipulators of our company also join the hollow part of the sleeves to bring a 3D look in apparel photos. This service is mostly needed for the long sleeve shirts, jackets, T-shirts and so on.

Bottom Joint Service

Some items have the front part shorter and the back part longer. Removing the mannequin from these types of images need to join the bottom part. We completely join the back part of the long tail garment items after removing the doll in Adobe Photoshop. The Photoshop effect is applied to these apparel images to look the photo realistic.


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We are expert at removing all the traces of doll or Mannequin from the images of garment & accessories. We work closely with our clients and understand all of their requirements to achieve our clients’ ultimate goal. We will provide review until our clients are fully satisfied. We emphasize on efficiency and accuracy. We believe that Photo manipulation is not only related to technical skills but also a matter of creativity. Our team is quite creative and expert. You can trust us blindly.

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