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Our Photo Manipulation services are starting from only $0.49. You can get quality ghost mannequin and neck joint service from us.

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Our DTP designers are very professional with their provided work. So, we can give you 100% assurance of our services. Also, we have 24/7 dedicated support team to help you.

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With 70+ designers we can provide you 2500+ processed image file. But moreover it will be depends on your file complexity and instruction.

Professional Photo Manipulation Service

Image manipulation or digital photo editing has become regular as well as mandatory practice to focus an image or a product make more lively. Kind of transforming an image of a product or a living creature allows perfection for professional photographers. Photo editing software Photoshop is the primary choice to do such image editing whereas others are used as well but it requires expert touch for better perfection. Image manipulation is used in huge for web page images, cover page photo, publishing, advertisement etc. We are here to provide you the best Image Manipulation service for the perfect image as you desire. What actually is Image Manipulation? A photography instructor of ‘The Art Institute International Minnesota’ named Becky Olstad says, “There is a general misconception that the use of Photoshop inherently means ‘Manipulation’. As a matter of fact, It allows us to control exposure, contrast, color balance – things that are also routinely controlled in a traditional darkroom”. For a digital image, those modifications can be done with extra touch. Though Photoshop is used for Image Manipulation, expert care with perfect finishing touch is the key for a perfect image. Image Manipulation is one of the extraordinary photo editing service to focus an image or the product inside the image.

This is sometimes magical but most of the time extra finishing touch takes the credit. It does not have much classification to discuss but as below:

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Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint service is also known as Invisible Mannequin service. It is done for garments that we use. When a picture is taken of a garment by hanging on a hanger or keeping flat on the floor or even fix on the wall, it will never show the 3D view as worn. To get a compatible image the garment should be worn by a model or doll. Several pictures are taken from same and different angle to choose later for the best view. It is mentionable that picture is taken both on worn and without worn. First angle is selected to edit further from the images taken. Then similar pictures are analyzed for editing. Neck joint photo editing is done by replacing human being or doll. Back part of a garment is also taken care of to complete the product view. This kind of image editing is used for garments like bra, panty, underwear, shirt, jacket, swimsuit, cardigan pants etc. To save money organizations often use doll instead of a living model. It is well known that models are not cheap now a days. Besides, as the inner model or doll is meant to erase by ghost mannequin, real models does not worth much. 



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Neck joint service has some categories. Considering work type there are classification as below;

  • 2D joint for neck joint
  • 3D joint for neck, sleeve, back of swimsuit
  • Hoody joint for hoody jacket
  • Jewelry neck view adjustment
  • Scarf neck view adjustment


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Creative Photo Manipulation Service

This is the most innovative and exceptional photo editing service that can only be done by creative thinking, skill, experience and finally with perfect finishing touch. Our expert graphic designers use various photo editing software, remarkable Photoshop for doing such kind of creative work that you cannot get very often. Our creative works are popular for magazines, cover page, advertisements, publishing and many more places that makes us worthy.

Our dedicated and highly experienced team works spontaneously to provide you the best perfect image that worth. Doing such graphic design we always do our best creative work to focus the object properly. Not only that our goal is to highlight an image to meet its topmost value. We provide free trial to prove our capabilities on Image Manipulation and ensure you better than anyone.


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