Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Image Masking Service

Image Masking is best for hair, fur masking, alpha channel masking, transparent or Translucent object masking and collage masking.

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For products which have fine points such as hair and fur, it must look properly groomed in photos. To achieve this effect, image masking must be done on the photos to adjust the background in these fine points. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, people can edit these fine points but it can be a tricky task to do.

If you want to get image masking done professionally, the guys of FAST CLIPPING PATH can help you out.

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Our designers are promising to provide the satisfactory Image Masking service in a very shortest time possible.

Categories of Image Masking

Image masking varies depending on the what the picture requires to be edited. Here are the different categories of image masking and a short explanation on what they are.

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Layer masking is the basic form of image editing and consists of modifying the opacity of the layer you are editing. It is often applied in removing a background or separating an object completely from the parent object. Using this method also ensures that the image is not completely changed.

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Channel masking is used to modify the four alpha components of an image’s pixels. In this case, the alpha channel masking will help editors select one specific color tone and adjust the color to match the rest of the image.

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Color masking enables editors to modify the pixels in an image and adjust it accordingly. It is often used for both positive and negative images that have been shot from sets of color separation files.

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Same as image masking technique that applied for videos to erase unwanted object or background to make a video clear and noise free.

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This is an example pricing model. This model will show you how we determine our pricing for any kind of image editing projects. If you face any hardel for understanding this model please contact us now. Thanks

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Transparent object masking is often used when you want the object to be placed on a different background or image. The tool allows the editor to isolate the background of the photo and then move the object into a new image. This object can either be transparent or visible to the viewer. 

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This is similar to transparent image masking. In many places the background is visible in a blurry way in some places. To do masking here some special methodology has to be followed.

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800 Images/24 hr

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Using this image masking category, hair and fur can be modified in terms of its color, contrast, exposure and others to make it look natural.

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1500 Images/24 Hr

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Refine edge masking enables the editor to create a soft edge for the image. For example, if the editor wants to make the hair look thick and healthy, this masking will help create that natural look.

Starts from $3.99

500 Images/24 Hr

Our designers are promising to provide the satisfactory Image Masking service in a very shortest time possible.

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Each image is carefully inspected by QA Supervisor during editing for best client experience.

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Before the images are delivered, we have Post Production QA to meet client demand.


Before delivering images, once again the client expectations and image productions are reviewed.

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We use Pen Tablets or Wacom to ensure superb  editing quality and good client experience.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions if our image editing does not meet your expectations.


If you are not satisfied even with unlimited revisions, we also offer 100% Money Back.

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Frequently asked questions

Image masking is another form of image background removal similar to clipping paths. However, unlike clipping paths that are used to edit the background of subjects with hard edges, image masking is used for fine points like hair and fur.

While using image masking, it will allow editors to remove the background without affecting the exact details of the shape being modified. It also ensures that the distorted parts of the image affected by the background removal.

To do image masking in photoshop, users must use a Pen tool to create a path around the image. While tackling the fine parts like the hair or fur, you must select these parts by going to select the menu and by selecting Refine Edge. Once the Refine Edge option appears, you can then modify the Refine Radius Tool and use it to pick the rest of the fine parts for editing. When all the parts have been selected, select “Path Press” to delete the background except those in the path you created. You may also extract the selected object and put it on a different layer.
Image masking is vital in ensuring that fine aspects of the subject, like hair or fur, will be contained but not removed when the image’s background is being removed. It also ensures that the subject looks natural to the customer because they could see these details. On the other hand, it can also be used to remove such distractions from the frame and ensure that each product is emphasized. Image masking can also make sure your photos do not have fuzzy edges.

FAST CLIPPING PATH has been in the industry for years and its staff is constantly being trained to be up-to-date with the latest Photoshop editing techniques, including image masking. The staff are also trained to produce high quality edits each time the service is requested.

Once the company receives a message, a quote will immediately be created based on the request. Clients do not need to accept this immediately and can opt for a free trial period so they can assess if the company’s work is right for them.

If the quote and the samples are ok, the staff of FAST CLIPPING PATH will ensure to edit each photo based on the client’s standards. Each photo will also be reviewed by a quality control team to ensure that the specifications have been met. Unlimited revisions are also possible until clients are happy with the pictures. A full refund can be requested if the client does not like the photos.

FAST CLIPPING PATH knows what each business and professional agency needs when it comes to professional photos. Here are the services offered by FAST CLIPPING PATH combined with image masking

The company also offers bulk services for clients who need to get a lot of photos done. With discounted prices, the company offers efficient and excellent service for these huge orders. Our turnout time is also very fast so you will get your photos at once.

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