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Are you looking for a high-quality image editing or retouching service or searching someone to enhance your photograph? We are expert at image editing and fixing all discrepancies of your image. Well, outsourcing image manipulators will save you money and time as well as will reduce workloads. At our company you will get high-quality images delivered to you on time edited by professionals. It’s guaranteed. For any type of commercial photo editing needs, outsourcing an offshore company is the smartest modern way to get high-quality images at a cheaper rate. More than 180 in-house graphic designers and dedicated customer service oparators are working 24/7 to make your images look perfect and way better than it used to be.


Let's have a look on Our Services

Clipping Path


Clipping path or deep etch is a vector path or shaping which is a process where our professionals will remove the background or cut and knock out the targeted area from any photo through the clipping or multi clipping system by the Photoshop tool. This is a common photo editing service/technique.

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Product Photo Editing

Our Product Photo Editing Service will increase your sell no matter what are you selling online. Upload perfectly edited photos of your product and boost your trade! Personal & E- commerce website owners will get our continuous support for image optimization. Our expert manipulators provide all types of Product Photo Editing Services.

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Photography Post Porduction

After shooting time, the most hectic job is the post production of captured photos. Transfer your workload to Fast Clipping Path now. We do a lot of editing and retouching like color correction, shadowing, masking and many more until a photo looks perfect. We are expert and will achieve your complete satisfaction.

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Image Masking


Image masking is the process of removing the background of a complex object like human hair. The desired image can be extracted from a certain area by using image masking when clipping path is not suitable. Our team is expert in image masking at a pocket-friendly budget and shortest delivery time

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Photo Retouching


Photo Retouching is a dedicated art of creating flawless images. We do whatever it needs to guarantee the highest quality of an image while retouching a photo. Our high-end photo retouching is the sign of our professionalism and capability of maintaining long-term relationship with our clients. We strongly believe in customer satisfaction.

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Photoshop Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin is a popular service in Garments and E-commerce product photography. The human figure is being removed from the image to create a 3D effect and show the exact fitness of the clothes. Our dedicated fashion apparel photo editors are adroit in diverse techniques of Ghost Mannequin and neck joint Services

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Photo Color Correction


Photo Color Correction service is used to enhance and correct the colors of a photo. We are the only reliable source of correcting photo color. Let our team to improve images by their expertise. Get a clean bright and professional finish for all of your photos at shortest time and cheapest price.

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Photoshop Shadow Services


Our experienced team creates engaging shadows for any types of images in order to look them more realistic. Whatever the photo type is, a shadow increases the attractiveness of a photo and bring more customers attention. This is a widely used policy for e-commerce nowadays. We can create any type of shadows.

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Vector Conversion


We have an excellent and artistic team for vector conversion service. They love to convert images in vector format manually by ensuring high quality at a reasonable cost. It is beneficial to save images in vector formats because of its various facilities like easy scaling, print friendly, easy editing, and smaller size.

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Our Working Areas


For Webstors & e-commerce

With the increasing number of entrepreneurs, online business opportunities are getting wider. However, making a profit is difficult and depending on the attractiveness of your product photos. To have a greater number of buyers, you must have highly defined and alluring photos on your website. We can help you greatly on this editing issue. Photo color restoration, background removal, tag removal, photo adjustment & enhancement are some of our common but highly appreciated photo editing services. Our professional manipulators will bring a new look to your product photos. Also, we have web image design service by which you can get extraordinary images for your homepage and cover.

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For Photographers

Being a photographer doesn’t mean that you will always be an expert in every aspect of image editing by yourself. There are many professional photographers out there who are looking for much better image editing service for their photographs. To outsource photographs, Fast Clipping path can be the reliable source of any desired photo editing service for a photographer. Our editing services are based on fashion and beauty photography, product photography, portrait, family photo, landscape photography, sports photography and many more. Our professional editors will serve you with the best clipping, multi clipping, color correction, color enhancement and spot removal service via Photoshop.

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For Realesate

A sharper photo is the key for a home to sell at or above the listed price. A house with a blue sky and greener grass has a higher rate of attracting customers. No matter if the sky is not blue or the grass is not green in a photo. We provide a complete editing solution of this problem. We also can add virtual furniture to make an image more attractive. Our expert photo manipulators will simplify your work and let you enhance your real estate business. We work for Photographers & Studios, graphic designers & creative agencies, web designers, and e-commerce project managers at the lowest cost..

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Photography post production

Busy and beginners both type of professional photographers are always worried about the post-production of their images. The Fast Clipping Path is always ready to reduce your work pressure by shouldering your panic of editing photos. After each shoot, many photographers keep themselves busy with photo editing. Sometimes they postpone or cancel their upcoming scheduled photo shoot because of high editing pressure. Thus, it creates a bad impact on your reputation. Its better take photographs of your clients and send the images to us, we will do rest of the work at a pocket-friendly money, shortest possible time and ensure high quality of photos..

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manufacturer or wholesaler

Fast Clipping Path offers specialized and customized photo editing service for both manufacturer and wholesaler. We guarantee the best quality photo editing service to give images a completely new and alluring look. Our manipulated product photos are highly qualified for any kinds of market promotion. Sometimes a product photo which is just taken by a DSLR is not enough to become peoples’ center of attraction. An image needs enhancement or retouching in order to look perfect. Only we can give a photo perfection by the help of our knowledge, skills, experiences, creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm. Try before trusting, we will never let you be regretful for choosing us..

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Printing & ad agency

The Fast Clipping Path is a world-class offshore photo editing company, providing service since 2008. A great proportion of our clients is the Printing and Ad agency. A high-quality image is the main source of business in the Printing and Ad agency. You will notice a big difference between the raw and edited images done by our experienced photo editors. Our highly expert designers will dedicate their tireless moments to make your images and posters look perfectly mesmerizing. We are expert at making your well-looked business cards, postcards, flyers, mini-menus, stickers, brochures and so on. We guarantee the top quality of images while working on any image..

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Other industries

The Fast Clipping Path has specialized image editing services for clothing, accessories, brands, electronics, home decor, toys, automotive, e-book, logo design, web design, graphic design, web hosting, and industrial products. We are pleased to have a lot of experiences from a huge number of clients and different corners of the world. Some of our clients are renowned at their own sector of business. Our overseas clients are highly appreciating our skills and assigning new projects. We promised to satisfy our every single customer you by working 24/7. We are ready to provide any type of photo editing service at an affordable price and shortest delivery time.

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Easy 3 Step Working Process

Enjoy 50% discount on bulk orders.

At our company, paths are 100% hand-drawn by pen tool for smoothly finished edges. You can add on manipulation like neck joint and give it a natural 3D look by adding shadows in an effective way. To enhance or re design any clothing images, we retouch, polish and also can create a natural drop shadow or mirror effect for a brighter look. Simply send us your image files, we will do the rest. So, sit back and relax. After editing, place the images in your catalog or publish them on the web or do whatever you want. Our prices start from just $0.29 which is quite reasonable and obviously pocket-friendly. Even you can have an unlimited free revision of your edited images. So you can finally forget about editing hassle. Concentrate on jobs you really want to do like photography.

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Fast Clipping Path is a clipping path based photo editing company with highly skilled professional graphic designers. You should choose us in order to get the best service. Some reasons are given below in support of preferring us as an offshore company 👇🏽

  • Bulk Image Service: With Daily 3000+ image capacity we can give you the high-quality results for our bulk image clients with an amazing discount cost. Please check out our Pricing Page for further details.
  • Guaranteed Quality Service:  Please see our portfolio page for judging our work ability and quality services. We also have an unlimited free revision for greater quality demand.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: We have a very hard-working team and fast-paced service to support our prestigious clients for all the time.
  • Quick Quotation Within 1 Hour: For any bulk service we will inform you within 1 hour through email. You can also check out price page.
  • Effective and Fast Service: We provide very effective, efficient and quick Photoshop hand-drawn design solution according to our client’s exact requirements.
  • Up to 5 Free Trail: Just send your image to us and we will edit any 5 images according to your instruction and send back to you absolutely. For fist 5 image, we will do it for FREE! Check out our Free Trail page.
  • Professional & Experienced Design Team: We have 150+ professionals and experienced graphic designers/artists, who will always be ready to provide highest quality image editing service to clients’ required time period.
  • 100% image & Data Security: We have a very secure server and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) option for Data Security. So, all of your images, documents and records will be safe with us.
  • Convenient Payment System:  Our Company provides various payment options like PayPal, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank wired etc.
  • Money Back Guaranteed: We are 100% committed that, if any client is not satisfied with our work then we are promising to give their money back or we will revise the order with no charge.

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If you have any suggestion, queries or any confusions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our dedicated customer support will help you 24/7 time period