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Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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When purchasing an item online, customers often take note of how well the product is presented on the picture. If the picture presents the product as lively as possible, then the visitor will be enticed to buy it. To achieve this effect, clipping paths are created to cut out the product and clean the background to make the product standout.

Doing clipping paths is not a piece of cake because it has to be precise. If you need your photo’s backgrounds to be edited through clipping paths, you can approach Fast Clipping Path.

Our highly experienced professionals will give your picture an extraordinary look by their own hand drawn clipping path editing skill. However, this process is not only restricted to remove the background of an image only, but also any unwanted element or shadow can also be removed by this process.

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Categories of Clipping Path Services

Using clipping paths in Photoshop can be very difficult to do depending on subject in question. The more complicated the subject, the tougher it becomes to do clipping path. Here are the major categories of clipping path services used for professional photos:-

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Clipping path is the primary technique of any photo editing.Graphic designers and retouchers often need various kind of image manipulation such as color changing, background remove/ change, image collage etc. You need clipping path for this kind of editing and here we can help.

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If you need creating any kind of shadowing, clipping path is a must needed photo editing technique, by creating clipping path with shadow, your images will look more stunning and attractive.

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Multiple clipping path is a way to separate every different object from an image. It allows their owners to change every aspect of the image in terms of its color level, opacity, size and filters. But, these subjects can be time consuming to do because of the things that have to be modified.

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Pack shot Editing

Pack shot Editing required clipping path service for every single image from a 360 Degree motion. 

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This is an example pricing model. This model will show you how we determine our pricing for any kind of image editing projects. If you face any hardel for understanding this model please contact us now. Thanks

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This is the basic category for clipping paths. Most of the products that are under this category have a round, cube, squire or triangle. Some examples include plates, balls and eggs, box etc.

Starts from 29¢

3000 Images/24 Hours

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This category includes carved shaped objects that have simple holes like rings, watches and shoes. The curves and the anchor points for these subjects are more in comparison to basic subjects.


Starts from 49¢

2500 Images/24 Hours

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Clipping paths for these items include complex curves, zigzag patterns and double holes. Good examples for these types of products include dolls with fur, trees, fences and hair.

Starts from $1.99

1500 Images/24 Hours

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Complex subjects come with a lot of areas requiring complex cutting paths due to holes, complex shapes and corners. Examples of these objects include groups of products, chains, model ships and furniture.

Starts from $2.99

1000 Images/24 Hours

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Clipping Path of these category basically includes extreme kind of complexity such as by-cycle, mechanical parts, jewelry images etc. These category images are more complex than any other.

Starts from $4.99

100 Images/24 Hours​

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Clipping path with custom request called are costume clipping path. Such as a certain area of products, adding special effects like shadows, remove objects etc.

Starts from 0.99

2000 Images/24 Hours

We make your pictures lovable with a quick turnaround and an affordable price!

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Each image is carefully inspected by QA Supervisor during editing for best client experience.

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Before the images are delivered, we have Post Production QA to meet client demand.


Before delivering images, once again the client expectations and image productions are reviewed.

Pen Tablets Wacom

We use Pen Tablets or Wacom to ensure superb  editing quality and good client experience.

Unlimited Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions if our image editing does not meet your expectations.


If you are not satisfied even with unlimited revisions, we also offer 100% Money Back.

We make your pictures lovable with a quick turnaround and an affordable price!

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Frequently asked questions

Clipping path service mainly focuses on removing the background of a picture through Adobe Photoshop. A pen tool in the program is used to remove the background of the photo and cut out the subject to move it to a cleaner background.

Yes it is! In businesses  clipping path helps to create an attractive products photo that will stand out. If you need to separate a product from it’s background or changing it, or ungroup a photo to make it standout, there is no alternative for photoshop hand-drawn clipping path . If there is something missing in the photo, it can be filled with the help of clipping paths. Clipping paths also help adjust other elements of the photo such as texts, vectors, and animation. When you get it edited with a professional Photoshop clipping path service, it will also be tailored perfectly for e-commerce sites like EBay and Amazon. So, if you are a professional creative designer, you already no it’s importance, but if you are an e-commerce business owner and still doubting about it’s urgency, send us few photos we will show you the difference.

Photoshop clipping path services and other Photoshop-related tasks can be very difficult to do on one’s own. If you approach “Fast Clipping Path” for your photos, you can be assured that each photo will be edited to perfection. The company has been doing Photoshop work for several years now and each staff member is trained to retouch and edit hundreds of photos every day.

To get started, you can contact us through our hotline, contact page or email and we will send a quotation for your project. Our prices are very cheap as compared to other companies and we even offer free trial to see how well we edit your photos.

If you are satisfied with the quote and the trial, we will ensure that each photo is edited to perfection. Our artists will carefully retouch each photo and adjust it to your needs. Before it is given back to you, the photos will be reviewed by our control team to ensure that it matches your standards. If clients find any problems, we will revise the photos with no extra charge. If not, we will return your money back with no questions asked.

Visit the quote request page. Upload your images, fill-up and submit the form. You can expect a reply within an hour. Sometimes it takes less than an hour.

It is simple! Just go to the main menu and click “FTP“. Fill-up all of the required information correctly. We will take care of your rest task.

For further inquery you can Contact Us any time.

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