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High-quality 3D modeling is becoming an integral part of industries such as real estate and eCommerce. Hence, it is quite important to make use of 3D models and representations to showcase the final look of your structure or product. But, doing it all on your own may not be easy. But there is nothing to worry about. Fast Clipping Path has been serving industries by providing 3D modeling services, and design and rendering services since 2007. FCP offers highly attractive 3D designs carefully devised to fulfill the clients’ requirements.

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Our Exclusive Services

We offer 3D product modeling as a key service from our professional 3D modeling services.

We strictly follow your requirements and work accordingly to serve you with industry grade 3D models which you can upload in any market place such as Amazon, eBay, Ali-express, or any other eCommerce platform. Delivering quality output is my key to success. Before beginning to work on your project, we need the following info from you. 

  • Reference/sketch images of your products/concepts
  • How many images you need.
  • Visual specifications for renderings such as dimensions, color, material, and texture.
  • Expected time delivery

Working since 2007, we can provide you with high-quality 3D furniture models, just as per your requirements. Whether you need an X-ray view or an exploded view, you can get it done from us. Our designers pay special attention to sculpting your structure. This is the key factor in bringing life to your 3D model. That is highly important in doing professional 3D modeling. Not only that. We provide custom made models for each and every design of yours. We also do texture and baking for your models so that you can have the best output.

Architectural 3d modeling services

If you are looking for Architectural 3D Modeling, then you are in the right place. With a team of professional designers, we can do 3D modeling for apartments, villas, shops, and restaurants. We work keeping in mind the texture, material, alignment, orientation, and symmetry. We have a quick turnover, but we also ensure the best quality. So, if you are looking for architectural 3D modeling of either the interiors or exteriors, then feel free to contact us. We are committed to serving you the best.

Mechanical 3D modeling services

After a mechanical 3D modeling order is received, it goes to our team of designers who are highly professional. There they/we discuss the concepts along with the key measurements and match them with the requirements of the clients. Then, according to the discussion, we make a prototype and show it to our respective clients. At times, we also show them the X-Ray view or exploded view, or both, if needed. We do 3D modeling of parts, concept designs, and sculpting to obtain a crisp clean 3D model in which all the details are preserved. In short, this is how we work: First, we create several sketches according to your demand. After the final one is selected, we model it, do sculpting, and texturing until the perfect 3D model is born. Our delivery includes all the original files.

Photo to 3d modeling

When we do photo to 3D design, we, first of all, discuss with the clients about the project and understand their requirements. This is necessary because different products have a different level of render complexity to have a sharp look. Besides, we also discuss which things to highlight, we sort out the measurements, color, texture, and material. Doing all these discussions beforehand, we get to serve our clients in the best possible way and ensure express delivery. We provide output on any of your preferred file formats. We also provide source files on demand. If you need express delivery, then you can mention that in your quote as well. Then we will handle your work accordingly.

Industrial 3D Modeling

When we work on any sort of industrial 3D modeling, first of all, we study the requirements of the industry. Then we talk with the clients about the measurements of the 3D industrial model to be made. We discuss with them whether it will be a high poly structure or a low poly one. Besides, we study and generate a report about the texture and symmetry of the model, along with its alignment in the x, y, and z plane. Alongside this, we also take opinions from our customers and collect all the necessary files from them in the process. This enables us to give the best output to the clients, fulfilling their requirements.

In providing 3D character modeling services, we are highly reputed now. We not only design and provide characters for any game with a stylized or semi-realistic approach, but we also know how to make a good character model. We take a deep understanding of the fundamental arts such as gesture, anatomy, and proportion. Finally, we always aim to push the quality of our service to the maximum level so that you are always satisfied with us. Our delivery time depends on the complexity of your work.

Medical 3D instruments modeling

Providing 3D modeling services for 13 years now, our designers can deliver crisp and clean 3D models for medical instruments. By taking our service, you are assured of the highest quality and excellence in the work. While working on any project we study the model’s orientation, symmetry, and alignment. These are the key steps in developing a sophisticated model for any medical instrument. Since we follow all these steps, we can henceforth, guarantee your maximum satisfaction. We can deliver your project in any file format you prefer.

Industries We Support

E-Commerce & Retail

We offer 3D product modeling services, renderings, and animations to the retail and eCommerce industry. This helps them to showcase their product attributes in a detailed manner. This helps them boost up brand visibility as well as sales.

Advertisement & Marketing

Our 3D modeling support and services are also oriented towards the advertising and marketing industry. We help them by creating digital strategy models, social media marketing models, and also help them boost up their branding by our services. Our exclusive work helps our clients to beat the competition.


We are not only limited to the retail and marketing industries. We also serve the automotive industry by making 3D models of the cars, engines, and spare parts which helps the companies advertise before producing the final product.

Game Companies

We provide 3D solutions to game companies by designing the 3D characters and infrastructure for their games. To do this we make use of advanced graphic techniques to benefit dynamic character designs, VFX, and any other feature necessary for game creation.


We offer 3D models of mechanical structures to help the different companies involved in the manufacturing process. To be more specific, we create virtual product models. Our services towards the manufacturing industry are also beneficial to the printing and animation sector as well.


Our high-quality architectural renderings provide great details to the structure. We create realistic exterior as well as the interior 3D rendering of all sorts of properties and housing. Finally, we deliver top-notch 3D renders that have all the fine details preserved in it.

Benefits Of Outsourcing 3D Design Services To Us

Increase Profitability

By outsourcing 3D design to us you’ll pay much less than that if you had an in-house team. With an in-house team, you will have to pay a salary which in our case you need to pay quite less.

Do More At Once

By outsourcing 3D modeling services, you’ll be able to get as many projects completed as you need to. Whereas, if you had an in-house team, you had to wait for them to finish one and then move to the next.

Move Faster

We have a quick turnaround time and deliver the output at a very low time. In doing this, we do not compromise in quality.

Reduce Management Burden

If you outsource this service to us, then you do not need to hire and look after any in-house team. All you need to do is, send us your requirements and wait for the delivery.

Stay Competitive

By outsourcing to us, you will get better quality 3D renderings than your competitor is likely to get. You will get beyond the basics and the highest-quality models that you can think of.

Maintain High Quality

We are always dedicated to maintain and deliver high-quality work to our clients. As a result, you are always assured that you will get high-quality work and step up your game.

6 Steps In Quality Assurance

For ensuring 100% quality work we have set up a 6 steps QA process. So, our clients get the best vectorization services from us.

Fast Clipping Path qa supervisor

Each image is carefully inspected by QA Supervisor during editing for best client experience.

Fast Clipping Path post production qa

Before the 3d model are delivered, we have Post Production QA to meet client demand.

Fast Clipping Path pre delivery qa

Before delivering 3d models, once again the client expectations and final productions are reviewed.

Fast Clipping Path pen tablets wacom

We use Pen Tablets or Wacom to ensure superb editing quality and good client experience.

Fcp unlimited revisions will work until you are satisfied

We offer unlimited revisions if our image editing does not meet your expectations.

Fast Clipping Path money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied even with unlimited revisions, we also offer 100% Money Back.

3D Modeling Services FAQs

3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions via specialized software.

We make use of software such as 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, Modo, Houdini, Rhinoceros, etc.

This varies in the sector that is being discussed. If you are considering eCommerce services, then 3D product modeling services are mostly used here. On the other hand, if you are considering architectural modeling, then it can be further classified into the interior and exterior modeling. Then there are medical equipment modeling, game character modeling, and many more.

To start the project, we need your project files along with your requirements. Then we will complete the work according to your requirements and deliver it to you.

The costs are highly subjective here. It depends on your requirements. You can use the calculator on our website to have an estimate of the price but to have an exact amount, you can ask us for a quote.

Yes, all our corrections are totally free if there was any mistake on our side to understand your requirements.

If you have any drawings and want us to follow them, then you can send that to us. Additionally, you need to send us the plans and also the existing 3D model (if any). 


You can send these files to us in whichever format you have got as we accept all file types. However, if you are confused and do not understand what to send, then send us everything you have and we will get your job done.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Visa or Master card
  • Amex card and
  • Any kind of credit card

Yes, absolutely. Just send us your email via the contact form and specify your requirements. Our communication team will contact you soon.

Switching to 3D, you get a 360° view of your product or object. You get a lot more features in here other than that of the normal photos. Moreover, you get photo realistic quality.

It surely will. This is because we are serving different industries with our 3D product modeling for 13 years now and we have got clients from all around the globe. Hence, you can rest assured, that our options are sure to work with you.

We work with projects of all sorts and sizes. And you will be glad to know, then we give equal importance to small-scale projects that we would have given to large-scale projects.

To be frank, we deliver 1 lifestyle render within a maximum of 48 hours. However, the time depends on your requirements, such as: 

  • model complexity, 
  • the number of views, and
  • background. 

To know about how long we need to complete your project, please contact us through the form.

Customers Reviews

Done 2 product to 3d modeling project with them. Overall experience is quite good. Very good support.
Kilye Xy
ecommerce manager

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Done a small 3D furniture project with them and happy for it.
jess dim
Furniture Manager
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