Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Open hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

ghost Mannequin photography Effect

Ghost Mannequin Service has tremendous values in online/offline product photography, e-commerce shops/online marketplace, and the other corporate identity or brand promotion.

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Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect

Without ghost mannequin photography effect,you can not showcase your apparel photos precisely for your customer. Because without mannequin joint, your photos will look plain and unattractive, and at times even fake. If you are new in apparel photography, you might wounder how big eCommerce store like Walmart, Nike, Adidas manages their product photography for eCommerce store. Yes they all outsource their ghost mannequin work from companies like us.

A good way to promote clothes and accessories for business is by using mannequins. But, using a mannequin to wear the clothes and accessories does not look good in photos since they look so pale and fake. 

Fortunately, there is a way to make your photos stand out and FAST CLIPPING PATH knows just how to do it.

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Types of Ghost Mannequin Effects

If you are looking for a certain style, there are different types of ghost mannequin effects to choose from.

Here they are below and how they are done:

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For this type of ghost mannequin effect, the editors will use two photos of the product featuring its front and back side. It is ideal to use this effect when presenting clothes.

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If you want to slow off the curves and straight elements of the product, this is the ghost mannequin effect to use. When the item is edited, it will look like the item is in 3D.

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If the clothes you are trying to promote has a longer back part, using the bottom joint ghost mannequin will help you show the longer side properly.

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Pack shot Editing

If you want to display your product from all the different angles and sides then it may require multiple images. Thus 360 pack shot editing can help you out by enabling a rotating view of the object you wish to display.

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This is an example pricing model. This model will show you how we determine our pricing for any kind of image editing projects. If you face any hardel for understanding this model please contact us now. Thanks

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Here, in this category, the fields of study are those which appear to take a really easy shape and not too much of a detail which requires extra good attention.

Starts from 59¢

2500 Images/24 Hr

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Compound subjects take those with a bit of different conformations and angular measurings.

Starts from 79¢

1500 Images/24 Hr

Pack shot Editing

These figures take a woolly border or complicated detailing for clipping paths. Nearly all of the products that are below this category take a corresponding hairy sketch corresponding cat body or extreme detailing.

Starts from 1.99$

1000 Images/24 Hr

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If you are not satisfied even with unlimited revisions, we also offer 100% Money Back.

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Frequently asked questions

The ghost mannequin photography effect is used to remove the background and the mannequin to give the subject a ghostly look.

To create a ghost mannequin in your photos, you need to prepare the photo of the clothes or accessory worn by a mannequin and another without the mannequin. Once you have these two parts, put them together at the neck with the help of clipping paths. When you create a clipping path, you would get the right image and make it look like an invisible mannequin is wearing the clothes.

It is important to remember that some ghost mannequins can’t be manipulated at the neck area. Items like watches, pants and hats can be modified to look like they have ghost mannequins by adding volume and texture on the image.

There are many reasons why you should use a ghost mannequin for your products. Ghost mannequins allow buyers to see how the clothes and accessories would be like when it is worn. It also gives the product a natural look even if you do not have models to wear it for you. Using the ghost mannequins will also make it easier for buyers to see the front and back view of the product. You can even provide a 360-degree view of the product. It also helps buyers see what’s inside the product, from its brand and inside tags. Finally, it gives your photos consistency on how they would look in websites or catalogues.

Ghost mannequin effects are not easy to do even if you have Adobe Photoshop. The staff of FAST CLIPPING PATH will be able to edit your photos and make it look natural. FAST CLIPPING PATH has been in the industry for years now so they know what customers need for their photos.

When customers reach out to FAST CLIPPING PATH at any time, the company will look into the request and offer a quote. Customers do not need to pay for FAST CLIPPING PATH’s service immediately and can opt to take the free trial they offer. During this trial, FAST CLIPPING PATH will send the customer free samples so they can see how each photos are edited.

If the customer is satisfied with the work, the staff of FAST CLIPPING PATH will edit each photo based on the requirements set. A special team will check each photo if it has been edited accordingly before it is sent to the customer. If the customer sees something wrong with the photo, they can request for revisions with no extra charge. Refunds are available if the customer does not like the work at all.

Aside from ghost mannequin effects, FAST CLIPPING PATH can also do other photoshop services for customers who need their photos modified. Here are the other services offered by FAST CLIPPING PATH, which would blend well with ghost mannequin edits:

If customers need to get a lot of photos edited, FAST CLIPPING PATH also offer bulk orders. Bulk orders have discounted prices to make it affordable for customers. Even if the number of photos to be edited is high, FAST CLIPPING PATH promises to deliver each photo quickly with perfect edits each time.

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