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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If I need your photo editing service, what will be the cost and how will I send my image files to you?

Fine, that’s great! We are always standing beside you to help with your photo editing needs. Our photo editing service prices are very competitive and we also offer up to 50% discount on bulk order. Please check out our price page at a glance to get some ideas.

You can submit your files with a completed quote form or you can utilize the chance of a free trial for judging our quality. Our support team members will assist you within an hour or less.

Also, you can contact us with your queries using the right-sided contact form.

How can I apply for Free Trial ?

It’s very easy and simple! Just visit our free trial page and fill up the form with required information and send it to us. You are DONE.

What are your turnaround times?

It depends on the complexity and quantity of your images. Generally, you can expect a delivery within 24 hours if the requirement is straightforward and the quantity is less than 100. However, if your images are complex or you have bulk orders, it might take 48 to 72 hours.

Can I send you weekly or monthly payment?

Yes. We have many clients who send us ongoing work throughout the year. If this is your case, we can set up a weekly or monthly payment schedule for you. Contact us for more.

Are my files safe with

 YES! 100% certainly. All of our personnel have signed a non-disclosure agreement where they committed to not taking any images out of the workplace. In addition they are not permitted to use our customer’s images for any other personal purposes. ONLY they are permitted to use the image file just to meet their job requirements. Do not worry!

How much time will you take to answer my questions?

We usually take 1 hour (maximum) to answer your questions. However, sometimes it takes less than an hour too. For instant contact, you can add us on skype. Just Search for “”.

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