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File Transfer protocol


You can easily request for an FTP account:

Sometimes, maybe you are worried when the size of your transferable file is quite large. Your file size is not a matter to be worried, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you. We will create an FTP account for you which will facilitate you of uploading and downloading huge files through our quick FTP Server. Simply fill-up the required form and submit, then it’s our turn to complete the task. You will be informed soon to access your FTP account with details. Oh! Remember to say the disc space you wish for your FTP account. We believe that you will love having UNLIMITED space.

What will we provide you with the FTP account?
  • You will get a username and password
  • After completing the whole procedure of account creation, we will send you the account information. Then, you have to set up your FTP client software on your device. Please follow this tutorial.
  • If you have your files on Google Drive or Dropbox, then share your files with edit capability to

P.S: If you face any trouble when uploading your files to our server, Please contact us anytime or you can email us directly to

Please Fill Up The Form


Here is a list of some of the frequently asked questions . They will surely help you out to clarify any of your queries.

Our editors do manual vector tracing by hand drawing the image. This is not the only way. It can either be done by hand (“hand-tracing”), or by a computer program (“auto-tracing”). Sometimes we also use pen tablet for perfect conversion. When you receive the vector files, you will get a crisp image and can use them in any size without losing the quality.

You can send us any of your image files that need to be vectorized. Our designers will carefully and meticulously convert all of the images you have sent to the vector form. Our popular supported file formats are; png, jpg, psd, ttf, bmp, etc. 

As soon as your work gets done, we will notify you about the update and send the files back to you via your desired media. We have the option for sending files via multiple media such as dropbox, google drive, we transfer, or any other media that you prefer. In most cases, we send the completed artwork via the same medium that was used for receiving the images.

No. If you have minor corrections to be done, then it is done completely free of cost. On the other hand, if, by any chance, we have misunderstood any of your instructions, and the error is from our side, we will then do corrections and fix them immediately, totally free of cost. In both cases, we offer unlimited revision.

We follow a practice of 24-hours turnaround time. In most cases, it is done sooner than that. However, if your requirements are quite complex or the quality of the images is not good, then we will send you a quote for the turnaround time before we being working on your image(s).

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