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Logo Inspiration with Letter E: 15 Design Ideas

Whenever thinking about a logo, all that comes to my mind is something quite simple yet attractive that grabs the attention of the clients and boosts up the business. While making a logo, you should make sure that your brand is focused on and at the same time, you should try to keep it as simplistic as possible.

However, it is often difficult to design a logo. Any guidance, idea, or help can turn out to be extremely helpful at times. Hence, today, I will be showing you and discussing some possible logotypes that you can design with the letter E.

Dazzle Effect

This effect is quite popular in teens and fashion liking people. They love such a dazzling effect. Hence, if you are also a fan of such dazzling effects, then you can surely choose this logotype to be yours. You can achieve a similar design for the dazzle effect.



Do you sell designer items? Or you like designs a lot? If so, then you can select a designer logo for your business. You can look at the designer logo as an example. It is attached below. 


Such logotypes are quite beneficial to help the clients know about your business. Surely nobody will think that a business with such a logo will sell cricket bats. They would then have a logo related to sports.

Disjoint Lines

Disjoint lines are quite trendy and demanding at the same time. They tend to be liked by a lot of people and also used by a lot of companies. If you also like the effect caused on the logo by disjoint lines, then this design is for you.


Droplet Effect

The droplet effect is very popular to be used in the logo. It is found that there are many companies that use such logos in their business. 


Eagle Themed

The eagle theme is generally used to show a royal feeling in the logo. It resembles a prominent position. So, this is also a good option to try.

logo-e-Eagle Themed


Have you got a site selling or providing eBooks? If that is the case, then you can surely have a look at the idea of the logo that is attached below. This will surely grab your attention as well as the attention of your clients.


Anyone seeing the logo will surely understand that you sell eBooks and those people who need it can contact you. This is a great sort of logo to use, if your business is something similar.


The electricity theme is the right choice for you if you are willing to have a brand selling electric or electronic products. 


The logo added above is quite simple yet quite meaningful. On the other hand, its simplicity is also responsible for making your customers willing to get to your store and have a look. That is why such a logotype is quite an appropriate option for you to consider.

Engraved 3D

The engraved logotype means that they will have the theme of the business engraved in them and make it compelling for the clients to have a look. It upends the thinking of a customer not to try buying from a new seller and give it a try.

logo-Engraved 3D

In the logo attached above, you can see that this logo is in the form of 3D and resembles a building. The logo has the letter E in it. As a result, you can have a look at it and give it a try. 

An engraved logo is considered to be one of the most beneficial and widely used types of a logo that are used by a lot of companies.

Light Bulb

These sorts of logos can be used by two different businesses. One, businesses that sell interior decorating lights and the other, businesses that sell electronic products. Sometimes a glowing light build is used to indicate ideas. 


If after going through that and getting to know about them, you consider yourself to be needing a logo of this type, then you can surely use one. Or at least, give it a try.

Still cannot find what you need? Don’t lose hope. There are more to come. 


Is your company responsible for selling anything that has got something to do with motion? For example, selling cars, bicycles, and/or motorbikes? 

If that is the case and you need to resemble motion in your brand logo, then you can use the one shown below. You can take an idea form the logo attached below.



It is quite difficult to find someone who does not like nature. All of us love nature. There are also many businesses that claim to sell natural cosmetic products that are claimed to help people by taking skincare or being beneficial to human health in any way. 


Some other shops are there as well which sell flowers and fruits or plants itself. For any such business, the logo attached below can be an example. You can thus take that as an example and make sure that your logo also looks equally attractive.


It is often found that there are many people who love the pixellated effect in their brand logo. However, there are many different sorts of pixellated effects that can be used. An example of such a type has been attached below. 


This logo is quite attractive and will surely make the customers have a look towards your shop after seeing this. Hence, if you also want this to happen to your business as well, then you can surely try this logotype without any hesitation. 


Are you a simplicity lover? For many people who love simplicity in everything, this logotype is especially for them. Here the image below has a really simple small e, which clearly resembles your business but in a really simple way. 


As a result, you can also choose this simple yet elegant logo for your business and attract customers to your business. This will also help you boost up your sales and as a result, you can make more profit.


There are many people who love to have a themed logo for their business. It is also found that many businesses actually have these types of logos. 

The logo given above also resembles the theme of the business, which in this case is shopping. It resembles a shopping bag. 


You can also customize the logo exactly as per your needs and make sure that you drive in a lot of customers by this.


Any person who is the owner of a shop might be a fan of TikTok or the color effect in the logo of TikTok. As a result, they might want to have such a style in their brand logo. Owing to that, this is a great pick for them who loves such color tones and shades. 



From, the above logotypes, you can select your design and make your own. Alongside this, you can also make a combination of some of the above types and make sure that you have one of the best logos for your branding. This will not only bring in more customers in the business but will also bring in more profit.

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