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Logo Inspiration, Logo with Letter D: 20 Logo Design Ideas with D

Creating a logo does not necessarily need to be a complicated process. From my experience what I have gathered is that all you need to do is make sure that you focus on your brand while planning and designing the logo and make it portray your business.

Today I will discuss the possible logos with the letter D which I think can be very much intuitive. I have got the ideas from the internet and also from my experience by working as a logo design expert. Hence, without any further delay, let’s begin.

Beauty, Fashion and Hairstyle

Beauty is something that always attracts all of us, no matter what particular sector it is. We all like beautiful things. And if your business is related to beautification, hairstyle, and fashion, then without any hesitation you can have a look at the following logotype and take ideas from there.



Vibrant colors make everything quite attractive and appealing. At the same time, your logo must also be of a type that makes other people attracted towards your business and bring some customers rolling in.

Hence, if your business is related to color or you want to have a colorful logo for your business, then this is the perfect type of logo design idea for you. Hence, you can, without any hesitation, choose the design for the best idea of your logo.



If you are a dentist or own a dental clinic, then you can try something similar to the logo below. That is a great way to represent your business to the people and you can easily have patients who understand what service you are providing.
This logo represents dentistry in a good way. Anyone even with the slightest knowledge will understand that this has got to do something with one’s teeth. Hence, you can rest assured that you will have some great business.



Do you sell designer items? If so, then a logo with some similar design concept will greatly uphold your business idea and make it advantageous for your business. Hence, without any further ado or worries, you can select a logo of this sort for your business.

You might also be thinking whether or not this logo is relatable to use or not. Let me assure you. I have been working in this sector for years now and from my experience, I can say that logos of this type can generate more sales than the conventional ones which your competitors might be using.


Disjoint lines

Logos with disjoint lines are also quite trendy to use. They are quite attractive. You might have a fascination with this sort of logo like a lot other people have. Thus you shall not be stepping backward from implementing the style you like in your own logo.

Are you worried about whether this logo will give the desired results? If so, then I can assure you that it is nothing to worry about. This is because, as I have already mentioned, disjoint lines are quite trendy and attractive. Hence, you can implement that with ease.

disjoint lines logo


Are you a Disney fan? If you are one, then this is a great thing for you. You can implement something similar for your business and make your income.

Furthermore, you also get another advantage. That is other people who also love the Disney logo or is a fan of Disney, they will also show interest in your business and you might generate some extra revenue. As a result, you will have increased sales that will help to bring in more revenue for your business
Still did not find what you need? Then hold on. There are more.

Disney themed logo


Studies have revealed that the dispersion logo has been quite successful in grabbing the attention of people. So, why not make use of that opportunity to use such a logo which has proven success.

This will not only make customers more attracted to your business but also drive in more sales. As a result, your revenue curve will steepen up ensuring more profit.

Here you can see the attached logos and take ideas to design one of your own.


Distorted Canvas

You might want to have the shape or the outline of the letter D in your brand logo and have something inside that. Such a logotype is named as a distorted canvas. Hence, if you need to make a logo of such sort, then you can surely take an idea from the logo attached herewith.

Distorted Canvas


If you own a shop selling electrical appliances or anything similar or have a business similar to that, then this is a great option for you.

The logo attached above resembles an electric plug by which you can relate to electricity and people can surely understand that in your shop they can find the necessary electrical products.

Such a logo will help a great deal in marketing and owing to that, you can have more sales. Thus, without worrying any more or delaying any further, you can make sure to use such a logo.



Engraved takes into account those types of logos which have the theme of the business or the brand engraved in it, as the name suggests.
If you are planning to make a logo of a similar fashion, then you can surely make use of such engraved logos into your branding.
Like if your business is about real estate, then you can make sure that the logotype used in the first picture is the perfect option for you. You can design something similar and use it.
Same with the rest. If your business is about selling hardware items, then you can make sure that you use a similar logo. The reason behind that is it resembles hardware in itself and all of your customers can understand that.

Still need more ideas? If that is the case, then worry no more. There are more to come. Let’s dive into them.



Incomplete letter D is another sort of design that you can use. An example of such a logotype is shown below. If you have the passion for using such a logo in your business, then you can do so without any hesitation as they are quite popular as well.


Joined Lines

This one is almost the opposite, yet something similar to the one disjoint lines. The only difference here, as you can see by the image, is the design type. Here the letter D comprises of completely joined lines.

This logo also has a 3D effect. If you need that effect to resemble your business, then you can jump in right away. You can use such a logo if your business has got something to with 3D. For example, 3D animation.

Joined lines 3D logo


For businesses and brands doing business using machines or other mechanical equipment, then it is the perfect idea for them to use it. If you are also one of this sort, then what are you waiting for. You can start designing your idea for your brand logo immediately.



Is your business related to cars or parcel delivery? To be specific, if your business is about speed and motion, or anything similar, then you can use an idea of a similar sort.

Such a logo design speaks for itself. They will help you very much in branding. If you need to make a logo for your business, then you can use this design.



There are many shops which sell flowers, garlands or other natural products. If you are the owner of a similar business, then you can use a similar idea to those attached below.

You can go through both the logos that have been shown here and find out which design you like more and implement that.



There are many businesses out there that sell food and food products. They can use the design attached to this below. It resembles cutlery which even a child can say that it is related to food. As a result, guess what, restaurants can also use it.

So, if you are the owner of a restaurant, or a shop selling food, then you can surely use this idea into your logo.



For many businesses, they need to resemble something of the royal nature. Logos as below can be used by them.

Tired of seeing all logos with a capital D? Then wait. Here. I have got logo design ideas for you with small d.


Small d

If you want to have your logo with the small letter d, then you can make sure that this is the perfect logotype for you. You can have this introduced in your business branding and get amazing results.

The first logo replicates those of super shops and the other replicates a dog. Both are smartly designed.

Small d logo


If you are a marvel fan and want to replicate the superman logo, then here I have got ideas for you. You can see this and take examples.



Are you a fan of TikTok? If you are and want to implement that in your business, then I have a great idea for you. You can use the one attached herewith as your sample. This would have you have a brand logo as well as something you like. So, don’t wait.

tik tok themed logo


Listed above are the logotypes that can be possible with the letter D in both of its capital and small form. Feel free to browse through all the categories and make your logo which you need the most to showcase your brand to the rest of the world.

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