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Top 10 Smartphone for Photography in 2019

Every year, smartphones are slowly becoming advanced and more PC-like. Its cameras, in particular, now have higher quality and can now compete with professional cameras. They now have features like optical image stabilization, brighter lenses, and optical zoom to make photos stand out. Many consumers often look into a smartphone’s camera before they decide on buying a smartphone. If the camera is not good, they will not buy it regardless of the price.

But, with the number of camera phones now available in the market, which one should you buy?

Down below is our list of the best smartphones for photography for 2019:

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro is Huawei’s newest update for its P20 Pro model. The model has a triple camera set-up which uses a TOF sensor to improve image stability and clarity. It has a 10x hybrid zoom for far-distance photos, improved portrait and selfie mode. You will also love its night mode function, so you can take those excellent night shots with no problems.

The phone also has a 4200mAh battery to help you snap pics throughout the day. It also has a large memory for those photos you will take with it. Aside from its camera, the phone also has an updated AI feature that would make it a good investment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has always been in the top smartphone list for its smartphones and the Galaxy Note 9 is no exception. In this latest update, the Note 9 is packed with an auto scene recognition function that allows the camera to automatically change its settings to give the optimal shot. The phone also has a manual function to allow users to adjust the aperture settings for better selfies. The phone also has a 6.4 inch screen to help users see their content better. RAW support and Auto HDR is also available with this model.

Aside from these camera features, the Note 9 has a lot of firepower thanks to its advance RAM and storage. It is also waterproof with its IP68 rating. Battery wise, it has a 4000 mAh battery which will keep the phone running for the entire day.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

For those looking for a more affordable version of the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 Plus is a good alternative. Much like its brother, it has a f/1.5-f/2.4 aperture lens, telephoto lens and OIS sensor for clear and vibrant shots. It also has a clear front selfie camera that comes with an Auto Focus function. It can also take 4k videos and 9-megapixel stills, a rare thing to see on any smartphone.

Aside from its camera features, the S9 Plus comes with a 6.2 inch Quad HD+ screen to browse your photos and other content. It is also dust and waterproof, and its memory can be expanded with a microSD chip. It is also quite tough thanks to its Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen and back.

Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL

Google Pixel is rising up as a good competitor in the smartphone biz, especially for those who want high quality photos. The phone offers an advance camera system that would help users select  the right camera settings for any given situation. It also has a Super-Res technology for those zoomed-in shots. The Night Sight mode is also a big plus for those who like to take low-light photos.

For those who love selfies, these smartphones have a dual 8mp front camera for clear shots. It even has an ultra-wide angle function for group shots.

Google Pixel is available in 2 sizes: Pixel 3 has a 5.5 inch screen while Pixel 3 XL has a 6.3 display. It also has a larger battery for all-day play and it is waterproof.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei’s flagship model is a favorite to many users looking for a great smartphone. It is packed with a lot of technology and its camera is a good example to this fact.

Its camera is packed with a ultra-wide-angle zoom and a 2.5cm macro zoom. You can also enjoy good photos even in zoom mode. There is also a Pro mode, which allows users to access the rw file for better editing.

Aside from its camera’s functions, Huawei Mate 20 Pro also boasts an in-screen fingerprint reader, high storage capacity and fast processing capacity.

OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is new to the game but it is one of the affordable smartphones that can go at par with Apple and Samsung phones. Its camera is very easy to use and the photos are very good. You can also take 4K videos with this phone but there is not much storage on it.

Apple iPhone X

The tenth anniversary model of Apple’s flagship iPhone model has an updated camera which is based from iPhone 7 Plus’ dual camera system. It now has a wide-angle and telephoto lens for better photos, topped with the Optical Image Stabilization system. The camera also possesses a larger sensor to get sharper photos. When it comes to its front camera, it has a 7-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture for great ‘bokeh’ selfies. You can also take 4K videos with this phone.

iPhone X also has a 5.8-inch super retina HD display to view media in vibrant detail. It is also water and dust resistant.

Honor 9 Dual Camera

Another cheap yet powerful smartphone model is the Honor 9 Dual Camera. Its camera comes with a “Hybrid Zoom” feature which will allow zoom-in photos to stay clear. It even comes with a black and white feature which are sharp and detailed when it is used. It is also capable of 4K videos and it is very stable.

Honor View20

Photographers would love the Honor View20 because it has a 48-megapixel camera. Thanks to Sony’s sensor technology, which is in the camera, it can produce vibrant and sharp photos clearly. It even has a good Night Mode function for low-light photos.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

If you do not want to purchase the more expensive iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus is your best bet. It also has the same technology found in iPhone X but the OIS system and the telephoto lens are not as precise. It is also capable of producing “bokeh” selfies like its more advance brother. When it comes to videos, it can capture up to 1080p HD videos.

iPhone 8 Plus is also water and dust resistant and comes with all the other apps available for iOS.

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