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19 Logo Design Idea with Letter J

19 Logo Design Idea with Letter J

Have you got a business whose name begins with J and is looking for a logo with the letter J? If that is the case, then you need not worry anymore as you have landed in the perfect blog.

Today, I will be discussing the different types of logo ideas that are possible with the letter J, so that you can have an inspiration for designing your one. Designing the appropriate logo is of the utmost importance as it plays a great role in representing the brand value.

Hence, if you want to showcase your brand properly to your clients, then what are you waiting

for? Let dive in.

Chilli Themed

This one is quite an attractive design to go with. This is greatly suitable for restaurant businesses and other food stores. Here the letter J is drawn by the combination of two chilies.


Even a small child can understand that this logo belongs to any food store by simply looking at this. Thus, if you want such an impression for your business then this is a must-try for you.


There are many people who are fond of colors. If you are also such a person who loves colors and want to have a similar logo then you can surely try this logo which is attached below.

This logo creates an aesthetic value by the great combination of the colors present in it.



The above two ideas were both with single J. However, there can also be a combination. The logo that is shown below is an example. It consists of four Js in itself. The combination makes an outstanding logo that can be used by any people to make their business logo.



The cursive writing style is also greatly used in making logos. For example, you can have a look at the image below and understand it. Here the letter J is written in cursive and this gives the logo an aesthetic look.

If you like this logo then you can also try this out.



Are you fond of designer items or do you sell anything similar? If so, then you can consider this designer logo and give it a try. This is a great option for those who are selling any sort of designer items, be it showpieces or dresses.


Double Lined

This style is also quite trendy. You can see here that the logo which is added below comprises two lines. Hence the name double-lined. This is a very simple idea yet quite an attractive one which is sufficient to grab the attention of people.



Do you sell flowers? If you do so, then you can use this idea to design your logo without any hesitation. As you can see in this logo that it has got the design of flowers in it which makes it a perfect option for those who want to do any business with flowers. Hence, you should also give it a try.


Hip Hop

The Hip Hop trend is quite common among youngsters. They like such designs. As a result, this logo idea is quite common in them. If you want, you can also give this a try.


Horse Themed

The image which is attached below clearly shows that there is the head of a horse embedded in the logo. If your business is anything similar to that, then you can consider trying out this one. This logo inspiration can be considered to be a part of themed logos as well.

Are you still not finding what you need? If that is the case, then do not worry. There are more on the way below. Be sure to browse through them as well.



Layered logos, as its name suggests, consists of multiple layers. You can also see this in the image which has been added below. There are three different layers of the lines which make the letter J.


Leaf Blade

We all know what a leaf blade is. Over here, we can see that the leaf blade is used as the canvas here and it has the letter J inside it. This gives the logo a tasteful, dignified, and sophisticated look. You can also use this in any way you like.


Line Segments

The design which is obtained by the line segments is also greatly used in contemporary time. Not only does it give the logo a good appearance but it also makes it simple. Designing such a logo is not at all a time-consuming process.

Hence, if you have a shortage of time and need a simple yet attractive and classic logo, then you should definitely try this one out.


Neon Blue-Green

The neon effect is in high demand in today’s market. Not only this give a nice touch in the logo but it also makes it quite attractive. Furthermore, it also makes the process of logo designing entirely simple and easy.

Neon Blue Green-J

Hexagonal Canvas

Hexagonal Canvas, as its name suggests, has a canvas or an outline in the shape of a six-sided polygon. As you can see in the image below that there is an octagonal canvas and a J engraved in it in the middle. You can give this a try if you want something really simple for your business.


Pixelated Effect

The pixelated effect is quite common. It is widely used in many logos, yet this does not get old. Here two different effects can be achieved with the help of pixels.

One is that in the image, the logo is being formed as a lot of pixels that are coming together and coagulating in a single place. On the other hand, another effect that can be achieved is disappearing in the form of pixels. Both are nice and serve the purpose.

Pixelated Effect-style-logo-j


There are many people who do not like extremely clumsy designs. Rather, they want simple stuff. For them, this is an ideal solution. The logo here, as you can see, is extremely simple and basic. Not a single design or any clumsiness is visible here. Hence, such designs are a must-try for people who love simple stuff.



Are you a big fan of the Marvel Superheros? Or are you selling anything related to them? If that is the case then you are sure to like this one and would surely like to implement it in your branding.

This logo, as you can see, replicates the icon of superman. This is also capable to bring in a lot of customers rolling into your business.


Tiger Effect

The image below resembles the tiger effect but in a different color. If you have got any affection for such types of designs, then you can surely give this a try. So, what are you waiting for? Start right away.



A logo plays a great role in showcasing the brand value to the clients. So you must spend your time wisely when browsing through inspirations and designing one for you. We all know that there is no shortcut to success and no substitute for hard work. Hence, you should also not hurry but give enough time in designing your perfect logo.

If you follow all the steps properly, then you will surely have your perfect logo with the letter J.

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