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How to utilize Instagram effectively to promote photography services

You might be a top-notch photographer. However, have you ever thought of promoting them? Alongside, if you do not promote them, then people will not become able to know about the amazing skill which you possess.

Why Instagram?

If you are a budding photographer who is just about to begin his journey of photography or a professional photographer doing world-class photography, it is one of the best possible platforms. No matter whatever your niche is, for example, baby photography, business, headshots, corporate headshots, drone photography, engagement photography, eCommerce photography services or event photography packages, it applies to all. Thus, without fearing much, or thinking more about which media to use, let’s dive into how you can promote using Instagram effectively.

Photographer Instagram bio

Now, if you want to generate revenue through this sector, or want to make visitors come in and see your work, then the first thing to be done is to create your portfolio which would attract visitors. That is what we mean by your Photographer Instagram bio. 

If you have an attractive bio in here, then you are halfway done. This attractive bio will help you to attract your customers. Then, it would be your task to help yourself out by convincing them to take service from you. Then, what are you waiting for? 

However, there is a catch here. All the visitors will not demand the same thing here. They will all ask for different things when they will reach out to you. Some may ask for family photography while others may ask for their graduation photography. You might also get resources for headshot photography or old photo restoration. You have to convince all of them that you can handle it with ease as you have got a lot of experience in this sector.

Some popular Instagram stats

Recently Instagram has been growing quite fast all over the world. Whether you are using Instagram for your business and want to promote your brand using stories, or for daily social media usage, you can then rely on the stats and find out how popular Instagram is becoming day by day.

This Infographic is Presented by Fast Clipping Path

Instagram hubs for photographers

Then next thing to focus on is Instagram hubs. You might now have a question that is giving you trouble now. The question is: What Are Hubs? Hubs possess pictures related to or pointing out to certain specific subjects or niches. 

The best thing about them is that the feature everything from street photography to fashion, travel, food, and even portraits. They say no to almost nothing. More amazingly, there are hubs for almost every niche you can imagine of. 

Furthermore, often, there are multiple hubs each featuring one similar niche. And among them, some may have thousands of followers, while the others might even have millions. While more followers can mean more competition, it also means more exposure if you do get featured. This not also means that you get more popularity and have a successful promotion of your photography and have a good number of amazing clients.

How do photographers get so many followers on Instagram

To get enough followers on Instagram, you need to follow a good number of steps. Then only you can opt-in for and expect good returns of your hard work. Then finally you can also advertise by showcasing your good work in there. As a result, you can earn a good amount of revenue from there and make your hard work fruitful.

So follow the steps as described below:

1. Create and optimize your profile.

First of all, you need to create your profile in there and if you already have that created, then congrats. You have completed your first step. Now your main focus should be to optimize your profile as much as possible.

Optimizing an account can be done in the following ways described below. 

Uploading a good profile picture, (which can be either your brand name or personal photograph. But you are not restricted to this only. It can also be one of your best capture as well. Also, your Instagram ID can be on your brand name. They help you a great deal to achieve recognition. Furthermore, you can also add a small description about your brand or maybe of yourself.

2. Designate an account manager.

A jack of all trade is the master of none. We all know this. So you may be an expert photographer but for copywriting, you should surely assign someone who is an expert in the field and can also maintain your account. Hence, you should have your work done easily. 

You can also assign the task to a copywriter who can come up with an amazing line which can be used as a perfect caption of your photo. Now you can rejoice. You have gathered a good bunch of suggestions now.

3. Follow best practices in photography and editing.

For photography and editing, it is always wise to follow the best possible ways which are widely renowned and also gives out great output. This will make you lead the entire market. 

Popular editing techniques include applying filters, resizing the pictures if needed in certain instances and also maintaining appropriate color tones. You can also use color correction if you find your images having any sort of errors in their colors. If you can follow them correctly, then you are way ahead of them.

Maybe you can use some editing technique if the capture was not according to your plan. You can use some filter or plugin to make some color correction, make a proper sizing, or remove any unwanted object. You can use some free tools or plugins to do that. Software like Lightroom, GIMP and Canva are free to use. or you can use Photoshop if you are a pro at it. Or, if that is not the case, then you can appoint someone who provides professional photo editing services. After all, the look is what matters the most.

4. Set a regular posting schedule.

To be famous and renowned you should always have proper timing and planning for everything you do. Thus, also for posting on Instagram, you should also have a fixed posting schedule and make it into a routine to do so.

5. Use a consistent, platform-specific brand voice.

Voice is a major factor here, which needs utmost attention. As a professional, and have the attention of a group of audiences, you need to have a particular brand voice. 

This also has an additional benefit. The benefit is that if you maintain a particular voice, then no matter where your audience reads your text or finds your words, then without any hesitation then they can figure it out that it has been written by you.

6. Write engaging, shareable captions

Who does not like to attractive and engaging captions? Everyone does. This, as a result, will engage and bring in more customers and audience. That makes it much more beneficial to bring in organic traffic.

7. Optimize posts with relevant hashtags.

Any posts that you want to make should be well optimized as it is done with your profile. This makes it much more engaging. However, there lies an important thing as well. The important thing is finding out the relevant and proper hashtags.

But this can be easily done. There are two easy and simple ways to do it and reach the audience. The first way is to browse through some sites which are well known for giving ideas for hashtags. There you can find a ton of your necessary hashtags. One such site is You can also use mobile apps such as AutoHash if you find mobile apps to be much more suitable for you.

However, if the above ideas do not impress you that much or are tough for you to follow, then you can study your competitors well and also the top influencers to find the best hashtags. After you have done that then you can make sure your hashtags are relevant to photography and whatever you’re posting. 

NOTE: Use trending hashtags and tie them back to your company.

In addition to all of these, there are also some other tricks that you can follow. They are

using videos, doing cross-promotion and regular engagement with fans and other accounts. You can also use Instagram Stories specially dedicated to your users.

Shall I create a different Instagram for photography?

This point is not any major point to be concerned about. This is because you can use the same profile for your daily basis purpose and also for your work with photography. This will also be helpful in many aspects. The reason is that there are many people who might also get interested in your profile because of your daily life. 

After they get interested, they will visit your profile regularly and will also come to know about your amazing photography skills and the masterpieces which you have captured by the help of your camera. Hence, what is the harm? You are much more benefitted rather.

Instagram photography tips

Listed below are some photography tips for Instagram promoters. Hence, it would be very wise to follow them. They are:

  • One must use a real genuine camera instead of any other materials to do photography. Yes, they may do the job but will not work as good as a camera, whose main purpose is to click pictures.
  • Following some particular top category editing techniques would be a great thing. They will always result in optimum quality photos. However, to test out which one helps the most, you can also experiment with which method brings in which type of result.

Some of the most common filters that you can use are VSCO’s A6 For a Minimalist and Modern Feed and VSCO’s S2 For a Bright + Clean Aesthetic. You can also go with using different sizes of images and find out which one works best and also bring in variety.

  • Strategic hashtags can also be used. This method not only helps in letting people know about what the image is about, but also makes the images optimized.
  • It is wise to test out by making posts at different times of the day. By this, you can get to know which timing works the best, which timing brings in the most audiences for you as well as your business. Then you can follow accordingly.
  • One can also share stories with every image that is posted. This will create the best possible essence for every photograph and will thus make your image more prone to be viewed by visitors.
  • Follow the KISS principle. Here the abbreviation KISS has an attractive meaning. KISS stands for “Keep it simple, sweetie”. If the entire thing is kept simple then it becomes easy for the people to grab it and absorb the essence. Thus it is always wise to keep it simple.
  • Making all the posts sarcastic and sweet is a very good strategy. This is because every people on earth loves to laugh. As a result, they are always in search of hilarious things. Thus, to engage in more customers, you can also follow that.


To conclude, I would like to say that throughout the entire article, I have tried to simply explain all the processes to you following which you can use Instagram as your main media to promote your photography. Hence, if you follow all of them properly, then without any issue or troubles, you can have amazing audiences for the images you have captured.

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