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Ensuring designers’ safety and serving the clients during the corona pandemic

Fast Clipping Path is very much aware of the rapidly changing situation right now. This is a very challenging and unique situation for us which we have to overcome altogether. During this stressful time for all of us, Fast Clipping Path is making sure that our designers are safe as well as our clients don’t get disappointed. Our clients are being really cooperative with us and we are highly grateful for that.

As long as the situation is like this, our deliveries could be delayed for around 72 hours. Please be patient if the delivery is late even more. We will try to be as active as possible but the progress would depend on the situation. In this time of global crisis, the most important thing right now is to fight the situation altogether. Fast Clipping Path bears the responsibility of ensuring full customer satisfaction and the company promises to never move away from it. But in this globally concerning situation, Fast Clipping Path also bears the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its beloved workers. FCP can confirm that all its designers are safe and are under healthy conditions. This is what proves that how much dedicated we are as a company towards our clients, that our designers are still trying to work under these difficult circumstances.

A handful of our designers are working from home, amongst which every 2-3 designers are working as a team, so the clients can stay relaxed about their works being delivered with quality. We are trying to maintain the standard of our work, even though it’s being really difficult under the current situation. We would like to thank all our clients who have accompanied us in this tough fight against COVID-19 by staying with us. Our clients are our biggest strength and we will try to repay them the best way possible through our services.

Even under these tough working conditions, we are keeping ourselves available for services like vector conversion. Since most of our work is done on an online platform, we can still provide you with services from home. Our designers don’t work for us as professionals only, they work or us because serving you is their passion and they find their happiness in it.

We are still available for many services. Some clients are thinking that we are closed or we are not being able to provide complex services. Well, good news for them is, we are still active. Nothing can stop us as long as our clients want us to work for them. This is what has been driving us to work and serve our clients for this long. The COVID-19 situation is very unfortunate for all of us, but this is a fight we cannot win by giving up on it. We need to find ways to communicate with each other, we need to find ways to stay together. Only then can this situation be solved. The world leaders are doing their bit, so we shouldn’t stop either. The coronavirus should not be an excuse for us to stop working. Our clients can still avail services like photo resizing, ghost mannequin, shadow creation, color correction as well as raster to vector conversion.

We are not bragging over our competition, but not many companies right now are being so much active as we are. This is not the time to show off our marketing skills, but this is true, this dedication of our designers show that Fast Clipping Path is a top-tiered company. The coronavirus pandemic is something we need to fight unitedly.

Message from CEO

“Dear Valuable Customer, 
We all know how serious and difficult the situation now is, due to the Novel Corona Virus. I hope that you all are safe and sound at your own places and you can make it up
even in this difficult/tough situation. Even during this time and in such a chaotic lockdown situation, we have not stopped serving our clients. However, we have also ensured the safety of our designers. Because of the lockdown situation most of our designers are working remotely from their home, but with close supervision of our QC team. We are sad as we cannot serve you in the very way as we would have done in the normal period. We hope you would cooperate with us.”

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