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Logo Inspiration: Logo With Letter A (Design & Idea)

Lost in a pool of questions about how your business logo should look like? Are you really confused about your logo design and what should it resemble? Seeking some expert attention and need to make some trial based logos or would like to view some existing logos to have an idea? Then you are in the perfect place.

We, over here, portray a lot of the different types of the Logos possible with a collection of the letters and hence, have made a collection of it. Our collection comprises a plethora of the different possible designs and decorations that can be thought of, and they are listed along with their names as well as a brief explanation. The classification, as well as the explanation both, will help you out so that you can understand all of it with great detail. However, even after all of these, if you still have any further queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us. So let’s begin.

Combination of letters:

Combinational logos are based on a combination of different letters. It is basically divided into two major types. Sometimes it is found to be a combination of the Capital letter A and at other times it is a combination of the letter, either in the capital form, “A” or the small form, with some other letters.

Combination of Capital Letter “A” with small letter “a”:

The logos below are some proper examples of the logos that are a combination of them both and can be used in several different aspects. They can also be used to convey any message to the valuable clients.

logo capital A with small a
Capital ‘A’ with small ‘a’

Combination of the Letter “A” with some other letters:

On the other hand, there are logos that are combined with the letter A along with some other letters. They are also displayed below as well. They give the logo a new look and make the process to carry the essence easier.

Combination of letter A with others letter
A with others letter

Designer Logo

Designer logos are based on several design bases. The theme is a letter, which over here is the letter A, but the base of the logo is basically design where you get a stylish and fashionable logo. Here what you get is a sleek and fancy one. These types of logos can be used by the fashion designing companies out there as it would reflect the purpose of their business.

Designer logo Sample & Images
Designer logo

Disjoint Lines:

These are some special kinds of logos which include some simple lines which are, as the names suggest, disjoint. The lines cover and form the shapes, however, without enclosing the shape which is drawn by them, as if some passageway is left out so that some small creatures can go in and out. The logo example below can clearly explain what is meant by this term.

Disjoint Lines logo
Disjoint Lines

Distorted Triangular Canvas:

Here, the logos have a triangular based canvas which is the overall background of the logo. These logotypes are used to make some symbolic meaning and are based on a theme. The symbolic meaning comes out beautifully and makes the logo iconic. Not only does it follow a triangle when forming the canvas but also it happens to be distorted. This method is a greatly used one and at the same time, is quite famous for most of the people out there.

Distorted Triangle A logo
Distorted Triangle Logo

Themed Logo:

Some logos are designed and created using the different letters, for example, the letter A, but have got different themes. Since they are based on certain themes, they get converted to a certain shape which is usually the shape of any major ingredient of the business. The sole purpose of this intention is to make it quite clearly visible to the customers, what the business is about. This is thus the simplest way to make your clients understand what your business is about.

The logo below is one based on the theme of chili or even you can tell that it is about any certain restaurant in town trying or any shoe store their best to advertise. Of course, one shall definitely not consider this one to be the logo of any store selling dress or computer accessories.

Themed logo with A
Themed Logo

Engraved Logo:

Engraved logo is another one with the theme as well as the essence of the business, engraved in the logo. This is why engraved logos are quite famous and demanding. Furthermore, at times, they give a 3D feel which makes the logo look much more realistic and catchy.

If you have got a business dealing with photography, videography, and cinematography then you can have the logo below as an example, demonstrating the purpose. The logo below clearly demonstrates how the letter A has been utilized and transformed into an engraved logo of videography business.

Another similar example is the one below. This is basically representing the theme of a gym and making it utterly realistic, understandable and straightforward. In the logo, we can see that a person is engraved using the letter A and he is doing weight lifting. Furthermore, there are some more examples to this logo which is attached here below so that you can find out the best choice for you.

Engraved Logo Sample
Engraved Logo

Line Art:

These types of logos are quite similar to those of disjoint lines. However, they are not entirely the same. The logos having disjoint lines we usually made with single line segments wrapped and formed into the shape of the logo. They had some sort of small openings in them.
On the other hand, here lines of different segments are used while designing the logo and make into an attractive and mesmerizing logo. This includes all of the examples given below for this category. In addition to all of these, the famous logo making software Adobe Illustrator owning company Adobe has also got a logo with line art.

Line Art logo
Line Art


Morph is one type of logo that has a different technique in itself. It gets converted into the theme itself and makes a totally new shape. You can easily understand it from the logo below which is used as an example here. It has got the letter A in it but it is transformed into the shape of a road. From this, we can clearly distinguish and conclude that it can be the logo of a certain transport company. It has got a self-explanatory feature in it. Hence you can comprehend how easily this can help you explain your business to the others if you plan to use a similar kind of logo.

Morph Logo
Morph Logo Sample

Ripple Effect:

Next comes the Ripple Effects. From the logo above the ripple effect can be clearly understood. Here we find an effect like a ripple in water or any other liquid surface if any object is thrown at it. Here, it can be concluded that the brand might deal with something related to liquids. It can either be an oil or water selling company.

Ripple effect A
Ripple Effect


Similar to the ripple effect, another one is the wavy form. Here everything is similar. Just the only basic difference is that there initially the logo had a ripple effect, but now it will have a wavy effect, as demonstrated below. This is best used for travel companies. For example Brand A, Moving Nation…

This can symbolize that this brand has a service related to fast-moving.

wavy effect logo
Wavy Logo

Royal Emperor:

Want to showcase your brand value as a royal heritage? Or providing a service related to anything of the royal families of the emperors? If so, then that can be the perfect choice for you as it has got such a royal feel in it.

Carefully observe the logos above. They clearly seem to be the ones with some symbols in them. These types of logos can thus be used to represent or replicate the materials which are to be used in the business. This is thus another crucial and effective way to design a logo.

Royel Emperor Logo with A
Royel Emperor

Combined Shapes:

Attached herewith is a couple of logos that showcases how the combination of different shapes can be used to form a beautiful logo and represent the business.

Both the logos have a different shape embossed in it and the shape is used as the canvas. This is one method to do so.

Another is that there is a combination of certain shapes with other shapes or certain shapes with certain symbols. An example of such a logo is that of Spotify which is linked below.

You can see that in the logo for Spotify they have used a circle as their canvas and inside they have put in a symbol similar to the symbol for Wifi.

Combined shapes logo
Combined Shapes

Small Letter:

The majority of the types of logos stated above comprised of capital letter “A”. However, why not move one step further? Why not try with something different like a small letter “a”? Yes, this is also possible and many different types of results can be achieved solely from this without making many combinations. Below is such an example which shows how the small lettered logos can also be taken into use and be used to symbolize the business.

Small a Logo
Small “a” Logo

Last but not least. There are many more. All you need is to be creative and have a passion. Then it will be an extremely simple task to perform.

I guess further clarification is not needed. So enjoy browsing the categories and select the perfect one for you.

Even after all of these, you find it troublesome to decide on your own and need expert advice as well as guidance, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert design and logo specialists are eagerly and spontaneously waiting to help you out and solve your problems. So hurry up and schedule a call with us ASAP!!!

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