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Logo Inspiration: Logo With Letter ‘B’ – 17 Logo Design Idea

This is the second installment of our Logo inspiration series, you can find out the first one (Logo Inspiration with Letter A), from here.

Are you tired of searching for ideas to make your company logo look different from the rest of your competitors? Yes, we also know that it is a quite difficult task and that is the reason we are here today. We have gathered a lot of logos of different types and have made them into a collection. We want to make your task quite simpler. Now your job will be to browse through all of the logos below and find out the perfect one for you to make your business a worthy one.

Distorted Canvas Logo

To begin with, we would like to display the distorted canvas to you. Here, the logos are made based on a canvas which is of the size and shape of the letter B. All of the logo here has a B shaped base which you can see in the logos. Furthermore, they also can be used to represent the theme of your business which may resemble a burger as shown in two of the examples below.

Distorted Canvas B logo
Distorted Canvas Logo

Theme Based Logos

For example, you may possess a business which takes into use, beauty products, and hence the logo below can be the perfect one for you. It is not only restricted to this. There are other possible theme designs as well. You can also relate it to the one stated above which is a distorted canvas.

Additionally, you can customize the entire logo as per your needs and make it look amazing, attractive and lively. You can refer to the following examples as demo purposes.

Theme based mixture logo
Theme based logo
Theme based b logo
B Letter Logo


You would be glad to know that one is not limited or restricted to a single letter or any of its forms, for example, capital and small letters. You are encouraged to make a suitable and well-resembled logo of your business or company using different combinations.

The combination comprises of two basic components:

Combination of the capital letter ‘B’ and small letter ‘b’:

This is one of the several possible combinations which you would opt-in for if your business has got the letter b in its name or have got anything similar to symbolize. So yes, now it is your turn to think and create a perfect design for you taking ideas from our discussion.

Small b combination Logo
Small b combination

Combination of the letter ‘B’ with other letters in both capital and small:

Now comes the other side of the coin. Here, without any hesitation, you can take reference from the logos below.

No matter what the theme to your business is and what are the materials it requires. You can see how the logos below resemble the houses as the logos for some housing businesses. You can definitely understand that resembling the logo to a house and at the same time, making it beautiful is not a simple task but our designers have made it quite easily. So, why not yours?

B letter combination logo
B letter logo
B letter logo with other combination
Combination of B letter
B Logo with any small and capital letter
B letter logo

Dispersion Effect:

Here comes one of the most important and exciting designs of all time, the dispersion effect. This is a quite simple trick that can be used to make any simple and ordinary logo look fascinating and attractive. If you have got a new business idea and want to make a new logo for it, then you can surely use it. On the other hand, if you already have your logo but find that out to be a boring, dull and unattractive one, then without any major difficulties and not making any further changes, you can modify your logo to a totally new and attractive one.

Dispersion Effect logo for B
Dispersion Effect

Droplets Effect:

Similar to the dispersion effect, the droplets effect also gives your logo an eye-catchy look. In the above one, the logos went into some sort of a dispersion, and here in this one, we get to see some amazing droplet design on the logo which enhances its looks and also makes it appealing. Thus, without any hesitation, you can select this one to be your design. So, what are you waiting for?

Droplets Effect B Letter Logo
Droplets Effect
Droplets Effect Logo
Droplets Effect Logo
Droplets Effect Logo
Droplets Effect Logo
Droplets Effect brand logo
Droplets Effect Logo
Droplets Effect for B letter logo

Engraved Logo:

Still not finding anything which suits you or your business? Still having difficulties in deciding what to choose? Then you can choose one which is a bit different from all of the ones stated above.

This is a sort of logo which has a 3D (3 dimensional) look to enhance the look of your logo and make it quite different from the rest. Here, you get the opportunity to make and display a 3D logo on a 2D surface. However, they need to be done by expert designers. If you need any help, then please do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment to meet us if needed.

Feather Based:

Feather based logos are another type of design-oriented logos which are used to design or resemble any business which takes into use, fashion. So, if your business is of anything similar, then you can surely use it.

In the picture above, you can see that the logo has its mirror image alongside. This makes it extremely simple for the clients to understand what it wants to explain. Thus it is one of the best for your company.

Feather based "B" letter logo
Feather Based Logo

Still confused? Feeling lost. Then wait a bit more and browse through the next few categories. Then you may surely find some.

A mixture of different combinations:

In the designs which are given below, you can see that there are a lot of different types of mixtures. All of these designs are made into a combination and that too on purpose. The reason behind this is that there may be times when a single design may not seem to be sufficient enough or make it into a good looking, attractive and converting logo. This is one of the most converting sorts of logos and will surely make a place in your heart.

mixture logo with B letter


Want to make your logo in the shape of the most important stuff in your business, but don’t want to use triangular canvas? Then fear no more. Here comes another different logo category which is sure to make you love it and also think about it. This is thus one of the best possible one you can think of.

Here what you get is the letters used in the name of your company or organization to used to outline the logo of your business. Furthermore, you also get to make it useful and helpful for your clients to understand and visualize anything which your company is serving or constitutes of.

Morphing B letter logo


Are you sick and tired of searching for the perfect design for you? That may be because you have got to do something using motion and need something similar to that. However, worry no more. You are now going to learn about something which has got motion related to it.

The logo above replicates something similar to motion and make it lively. These logos can be used for businesses of several different ideas related to motion or movement. One example is PATHAO, which has got the slogan moving Bangladesh. Here you need to show moving forward and for these motion design based logos can not be the secondary choice.

B letter motion logo
Motion Logo With B


Apart from the ones stated above, namely morphing and distorted canvas, you can use the one which we will be discussing about now. That is symbolizing some new ideas in you logo.

For example, you may own a bookstore and you want to portray it before your clients which will help you boost up your sales and steepen up your profit curves. Then, this symbolizing may be one of the best possible options for you and your company.

Progress Bars:

You can also show how your business is performing and what is its progress. Then, if you have decided that you will do so and want to start as soon as possible, then you can start thinking about it.

The logo above can help understand what is going on. There you can see that the logo resembles a bar chart with a line graph integrated on the bottom of it which is used to indicate the direction of progress. Moreover, the best thing here is that it has got the letter B integrated into it as well. Hence, in one single logo, it is resembling a lot of the different things in here. Hence, you can consider it to be hitting two birds with one stone.

Progress Bars with B
Progress Bars

Now, throughout the article, we have tried to explain to you the different types of possible logos you can obtain using the letter B and how it can be useful to you and your business and/or company. Now your task will be to figure out how you choose your logo to be and how you want it to look. Furthermore, if you find it difficult anywhere, or want to know more, then don;t hesitate to schedule a call with us.

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